/Поглед.инфо/ The well-known Bulgarian Baroque violinist Zefira Valova received the "Musician of the Year - 2017" award for "artist activity" in the ranking of the "Allegro Vivace" broadcast of the Bulgarian National Radio, which official ceremony was yesterday evening. She received the award personally by the legend Theodosi Spassov.

"Thank you for this award, it encourages me and it encourages an expanding society of musicians, dedicated to the historically informed performance in Bulgaria. Researching and performing music of the 17th and 18th centuries includes knowledge about the conditions and place of its creation and on which instruments ", said Zefira Valova to the audience. She added that her intention for the last decade was to promote as a violinist, musicologist and manager the performance of Baroque music on its original instruments close as possible to the way the  composers imagined it.

The organizers recalled that in 2008 Zefira was among the nominees for "Young musician of the year" and in 2010 she was awarded for the "Music Project of the Year" as founder and artistic director of the Sofia Baroque Arts Festival.

The opera singer Maria Tsvetkova became the winner of the "Musician of the year 2017" poll. In the other categories the awards went to the young conductor Inna Dilovska, to the duo Nadezhda Tsanova - piano and Peter Makedonski - trumpet, to the pianist Ivo Varbanov and to the composer Georgi Arnaudov.

The audience awarded posthumously the composer and sound engineer of the Bulgarian National Radio Miroslav Danev for his Life Achievements.